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Everything you need to know about our Team
Founder at EduNation Consultants

Sheenu Kathuria

A British-Council Certified IELTS Mastertrainer and an Ex-Visa Officer, Ms Sheenu Kathuria is a professional with an 18+ years work experience across various industries. She is the Founder of EduNation Consultants. Her primary areas of focus have been Business development, Immigration, and Training. She has also been a banker and effectively uses that experience to assess all financial documents in visa processing. Being an Ex-Visa officer with New Zealand High Commission and having worked with Australian High Commission, she understands the dynamics of these markets well. Her expertise contributes in a way that it gives you the information and advice that you think you need, and also adds details for the things that you do not know but are important for you to take an informed decision when thinking of moving overseas. Determined as she has always been, the global pandemic could not deter her from her goals, and she began taking online IELTS sessions from home in 2020. Her dream of setting up an established firm that caters to every students' International Education started with one student in 2020 and her team worked effectively to work on 70+ visas in the tough Pandemic Situation.

With her growing team and her passion to provide quality service, Sheenu is determined to spread awareness regarding Overseas Studies such that you are able to take an informed decision regarding your Study goals. Being extremely passionate about travelling and experiencing the unconventional, Sheenu enjoys amalgamating work with fun and believes that productivity is at its peak, when you work with your heart, hence the heart needs to be at the right place, then the mind follows suit.

Co-Founder & Strategic Communication Head

Vaibhav Kathuria

As the Co-Founder, Mr Vaibhav Kathuria is instrumental in engagements regarding branding activities and ensures that the information that is sent to students via social media platforms is carefully checked and quoted. His inputs are vital in ensuring that the team works effectively towards quality solutions and are cohesive when it comes to maintaining uniformity. Vaibhav has also been involved in discussions pertaining to institutional tie-ups with Universities and Schools, that contribute towards building long term associations with bodies within the Education framework.

Admissions Counsellor

Siddharth Sharma

An MBA from IP University, Siddharth brings with him a fresh perspective of working with student profiles. His analytical skills contribute a great deal when shortlisting relevant course options and proceeding with admission-related processes. He has an eye for detail when assessing a student profile which acts as an impetus while aligning courses and institution on the basis of student’s academic and professional record.

Admissions Counsellor

Karan Bhatia

Having worked with the Income Tax Department in the past, Karan has a very strong command with record maintenance and documentation. This attribute of his ensures that student information and details are in order, which bridges the time gap thereby reducing the processing time to a great extent. Karan’s role as an Admissions Officer has been instrumental in making sure that University applications and Visa Submissions are carried out seamlessly.


Someeya Ratra

Meet Someeya, a dynamic and talented creative intern graduate from the University of Delhi. With an unquenchable passion for words and a flair for creativity, Someeya is dedicated to crafting compelling and engaging content that drives results with learning more and more every day. She brings a fresh perspective and a keen eye for detail to every project. Armed with a strong academic background, including a degree in English Hons, her avid curiosity and ability to adapt to different industries allows her to effectively communicate complex ideas in a relatable and accessible manner. Her versatile skill set also includes researching, analysing, and ensuring brand consistency across various platforms. Being an intern, Someeya is fuelled by a relentless drive for excellence and a commitment to personal growth. She is always refining her skills and staying up-to-date with the latest content. With her dedication and determination, she is ready to contribute fresh ideas, creative solutions, and exceptional content that drive impactful results. When not immersed in crafting captivating content, you can find Someeya exploring local cafes in search of inspiration, diving into novels, or meticulously planning her next creative endeavor. Her passion for travel and cultural experiences greatly influences her writing style and communicating with different people, allowing her to bring a unique perspective and distinctive voice to every project she tackles.

IELTS Consultant Trainer

Ritika Madan

A CELTA Certified Instructor from the British Council, Ms Ritika Madan comes with a rich experience in the English Language Testing vertical. She has successfully trained students for IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE amongst others and facilitated their paths towards Overseas Education. With a strong command over the subject, Ritika immediately connects with her students and is able to create a bond with them which results in trust and a great learning journey. As part of the curriculum, her endeavour has always been to curate lesson plans that are specific to an individual candidate’s requisites – which she does effortlessly to create a one-on-one customised experience. Ritika is very fond of pets and loves hiking with her dog and she loves watching movies.